7 tips to imbibe in your 20s for a healthy heart

health tips for your heart

A healthy body is proportional to a healthy lifestyle and if you lag in maintaining a good lifestyle, the cons could be monstrous. Well, the early age diseases which were not prevalent some years back are now overpowering a huge generation. The result could be because of not propagating a healthy system or leading a disastrous lifestyle or also could be junk food which comes in the main course now and claims to fill your belly with the trans fat and what not?

Here we will discuss some easy tips to imbibe in your lifestyle in order to give rise to a healthy heart that may not face diabolic issues.

1. Quit Smoking:


Smoking is one peril that surrounds many of us and accompanies the person in his/her captivation till life. As smoking is not an easy habit to quit but if you look for a healthy you, a step is responded from your end. While hooking up with smoking was your conscious decision so saying goodbye comes under your responsibility too. Report say that smokers has 30% high chances of getting cardiac issues.

2. Drink in your control:


Make sure you drink with your conscious mind as it is hardly the case because once you start pouring in, the stoppage is quite far. Make it a note in your head that you do not cross the limit and drink sensibly as it altera blood sugar and blood pressure.

3. Eat healthy stay healthy:


Do you remember  how mommies have scolded you ever since you were tiny tots and she got dismayed if you nag her while eating. Well, she is your angel as healthy eating strengthens healthy lifestyle and structures your life towards healthy direction. Junk food is high on trans and saturated fat which promotes obesity and enhance cholesterol.

4. Practice yoga and exercise:


Practicing muscle strengthening exercise at least twice a week is essential to remain fit. Yoga on the other hand calms your body and “Pranayam” also  helps in keeping your system fit. Starting exercising at an early age in your twenties helps in boosting your system and fill you with bliss all through your life.

5. Feed the basics:


While you must be aware about the basic health  like your blood pressure, hemoglobin, BMI and others, you must ensure that you are able to maintain it. If you need to push it more on the healthier side, an early wake up call is great before its too late.

6. Keep stress at bay:


While stress is also one of the reason to make your cardiovascular system weak, it is necessary that you eradicate stress from your life. Stress eradication is not as easy as it sounds because the rigorous work flow and robust life style implies pressure and stress at some level or the other. Make sure you fight as bravado and land on a healthier side.

7. Know your family history:

Portrait of Happy Family In Park

While cardiovascular diseases may be generic, it is essential that you must know your family history. If anyone in your family has faced any such heart disease it is mandate that you keep a check of the same. As they say ‘precaution is better than cure’, so initiate the process of remain healthy from your arena.

Stay blessed, stay fit.



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