8 Best Role Played by Akshay Kumar in Hindi Movies

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Every time we think of Bollywood few words such as ‘hero’, action and dance crosses our mind. Thinking of a ‘Hero’ – one who can surpass action and dance attributes, a very few can deny from the fact that one name will be Akshay Kumar.

Akshay Kumar is an inseparable part of Indian film industry, this 48 years old actor born as Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia started filming career in 1991. Over the period of more than 2 decade has acted in around 100 movies. Acting in movies is an achievement in itself, but on his 48th Birthday we would remind about his 8 different characters he played for Indian cinema.

Dr. Aman Verma in “Sangarsh”

In this movie was filmed as unfairly agonized and jailed lecturer Dr. Aman Verma. Unfortunately movie was a big time flop, but both ‘Hero’ Akshay Kumar and ‘Villian’ Ashutosh Rana were acclaimed for their characters, by the audience.

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Inspector Karan Joglekar in “Main Khiladi Tu Anari”

The role of Inspector played by Akshay Kumar in movie ‘Main Khiladi Tu Anari’, portrayed as a strict yet a loyal police officer chasing a murderer. The movie was among the blockbuster hits released in 1994. Actor Saif Ali Khan and Shilpa Shetty worked as co-stars.


CBI Officer Ajay in “Special 26”

Ajay who is a con, acts as a CBI officer with its special team and executing raids rich individuals of country. This was a life-time role for Akshay, nobody else would have done this role as perfectly as he did. Along with Akshay movie also performed fairly, managing a decent collection from box office.


Vikram Bajaj in “Ajnabee”

In was a welcome break for Akshay Kumar, for the first-time playing as a ‘Villian’. Vikram Bajaj character who is a money centric, cunning guy kills his wife for sake of money and blames Bobby Deol for her murder. In this movie along with Askshay Kumar stars like Bobby Deol, Kareen Kapoor and Bipasha Basu also acted, but all the praising was taken by Akshay.


Krishna Vasudev Yadav in “Oh My God!”

The role of Lord Krishna played by Akshay Kumar was one of its kinds in non-religious mainstream Bollywood movie. His appearance as Krishna and brilliant chemistry with Veteran Paresh Rawal summed the movie to must-watch category. Both the actors were immensely praised for their performance. The movie was awarded with National Award for best screen play.


Dr. Aditiya Shrivastav in “Bhoolbhuliya”

The role of crazy Psychiatric Dr. Aditiya Shrivastav, Akshay Kumar on a mission of saving his friend’s wife, played by Vidhiya Balan who suffers from personality disorder. The movie was framed as a psychological thriller cum comedy. However Vidhiya Balan was grabbed major viewer’s attention in the movie, but Akshay’s role also won number of accolades across globe.


Captain Virat Bakshi “Holiday: A Soldier is never off duty”

Captain Virat Bakshi a soldier of Indian army and special agent of Defense Intelligence Agency, playing the role Akshay being an army officer fails serial bomb blasts in Mumbai. In the course kills 12 sleeper cells with help of his army colleagues, while he was on Holiday to his home town. The movie was a remake of Tamil movie Thuppakki released in 2006. Role of Army officer was decently acted by Akshay Kumar and was also nominated for Best Actor Award in 60th Film Fair.


Raju in the Hera- Pheri series

Raju – the mischievous trouble maker in comedy series of Priyadarshan reviled about the brilliant comic timing of Akshay Kumar. The chemistry he shared with his Co-Stars Sunil Shetty and Paresh Rawal, made him inseparable part of the series. The audience loved his new character and praised him to do similar movies in future.


Akshay is among those handful actors, which had proven their skills by acting in almost all the genres of Indian cinema.



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