A ban on 82 ads by ASCI: Loreal, Uber, Flipkart, all on target

A ban on 82 ads by ASCI: Loreal, Uber, Flipkart, all on target

To make it precise and concrete, do we really think that all these ads that promise to make one fairer instantly like a magic application holds any truth? On the contrary, some innocent folks abide by this quick remedy ads showcased on television and plunge with it. Well, with respect to the ads that does no good and are registered with so many complaints, a big step has been taken by ASCI-The Advertising Standards Council of India.

The ads that promises huge and offer nothing are quite dominant in the Indian Advertising industry. ASCI have come up with a conclusion of banning not less than 82 ads not for the quality of ads making but the reason is the unsubstantiated products and misleading promises that are governing a fake face on the advertising industry.

ban on 82 ads by ASCI

The Consumer Complaints Council (CCC) under Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) has banned 82 advertisements out of 148 complaints it received in June 2015 as reported by MoneyLife.

The list of banned advertisements by prominent companies includes Snapdeal, Vodafone Essar Ltd., L’Oreal India, Flipkart Internet Pvt. Ltd., TV 18 Broadcast, Amity University and Vicco Laboratories. Out of 148 advertisements against which complaints were upheld, 26 belonged to the Personal and Healthcare category, followed by 22 advertisements in the Education category, 9 advertisements in Food and Beverage category, 7 advertisements in media and entertainment category and 18 advertisements from other categories.

In June last year that is 2014, ASCI has come along with certain ban on ads like a product of L’Oreal India Pvt Ltd which is a face wash that promises ““removal of 99.9 % pimple causing germs” was found ambiguous and unsubstantiated.

Another one is through Flipkart for which the website communication claims the MRP of the product as Rs.799, when actual printed MRP on product is Rs. 399 which is being offered as the discounted price for Canvera.

Uber was also not bereft on this ban where the advertisement by Uber states, “You drink, we drive”, when read in conjunction with the depiction of logos of Bars such as Zara etc. as #UBERAPPROVED PARTNERS, was seen to promote alcohol drinking.



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