Caps-Off performance by Piyush Mishra at FTII

FTII strike and Piyush Mishra's performance
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With a lot of hustle-bustle in the life of students at FTII (Film and Television Institute of India) from last few days with persistent strikes, processions and agitations paving way every moment,  a pacifying element was all they needed to soothe down the agitated hormones. The strikes and vigorous activities against their own President Gajendra Chauhan took a monstrous face leading to turbulence at FTII. When things landed up with peace, it was quite necessary for some ‘Shayari’ session that acted as an appetizer for the thirsty souls. A dose of Shayari was a crucial affair for the students at FTII and who else could better dwell the student’s mood than highly acclaimed lyricist, scriptwriter and actor Piysuh Mishra who turned out as a big player.

His satirical poems with quirky style tranquilized the stressed minds of the students and Mishra’s performance altogether added an immense drama in the aura of FTII.



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