After Meat Ban its No Azaan and No Bhajans in Sub-Urban Mumbai

No Azaan and No Bhajans

Bombay High Court acting on petition filed by Santosh Pachlag – resident of Navi Mumbai (Vashi), against ‘illegal use of loudspeakers’ last year, has banned the use of loudspeakers in temples and mosques from 10 PM to 6 AM. The court has directed police to prohibit religious places from using loudspeakers, in the suburban part of city.

However, temples can make use of loudspeakers till 12 AM on special occasions such as Ganeshotsav, after obtaining permission from police department. As said by the Deputy Commissioner of Zone 1, Shahkji Umap.

OMI_No Azaan and No Bhajans

According to Indian Express Deputy Commissioner has also called for a meeting with representatives of Muslim Ekta Foundation, regarding the Ban on Monday. The members of the Foundation agreed upon the directives of court.

Soon after the whole story, police have taken down loudspeakers from as much as 5 mosques and 2 temples, as they do not have permission to hold prayers at the venue. The drive was implemented in APMC, Turbhe MIDC and NRI police stations of the area.

The directive of court will be implemented in close conjunction with that of Supreme Court. Regarding noise pollution with additional guidelines included restriction of loudspeakers in public places and norms for the high volume sound systems, generators and vehicles.

The Chief Justice of India, for the bench has written that, the decibel level of speakers or public address system must not exceed 10 dB (A) above the ambience noise in the standard area, or 75 dB (A), whichever among them is lower.

After the political chapter on meat ban in Mumbai during Jain fasting days and then rolling it off by the civic body, it is likely that local politicians of Maharashtra will try to challenge the decision so given by Bombay High Court. After all it is also connected to the religious sentiments of masses.



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