AICTE to Reduce Engineering Intake by 6 Lakhs

The technical education regulatory body AICTE (All India Council of Technical Education) plans to shrink as much as 600000 engineering seats in next couple of years. The decision has been furnished to reduce the depressing quality of education in India.

AICTE Chairperson Anil Sahasrabudhe speaking to Mint Newspaper said “We would cut down engineering seats from 16.7 lakh to nearly 10 to 11 lakh”.

The AICTE in order to meet the targeted intake will also shut down few schools, so that the yearly admission could be restricted to defined numbers of students. This will help in maintaining a quality of education as per the industry demand.


A survey conducted by Nasscom in 2011 suggests that, only 17.5% of engineering graduates from deemed universities are employable.

Employability of engineering graduates in across states is recoded is close to 12% to 42%, says a report published by education assessment company Aspiring Minds. The report further suggests that only 18.43% of candidates are worth offering a job as a software engineer-IT positions, while these figures are far more discouraging in electronics/electrical and civil engineering, figured out to be mere 7.49%.

A number of complaints regarding the education quality of graduates, passing out from various colleges have been pointed out by top companies. These business giants prefer employing students from premium institutes like IIT (Indian Institutes of Technology), BITS (Birla Institute of technology and Science)-Pilani, NIT (National Institute of Technology) and a handful of private institutions.

The AICTE, has received nearly 1400 applications asking closure of engineering faculty in around 550 colleges in less than a year time. Most of these colleges fall behind the required infrastructure for the enrolled students, which ultimately result in least employment opportunity. However, there are more than 3400 engineering colleges in India only.

Anil adding over the decision said “admission capacity in present seems to be much higher than demand of the industry”. AICTE is well alarmed over balancing demand and supply equilibrium.

Sahasrabudhe in its conversation with a newspaper also added AICTE will only “facilitate the closure of engineering schools” completely or in parts to achieve the goal. He also said that “we will not force engineering college for shutting down, whereas AICTE will ensure that students are not at the receiving ends”.

Sahasrabudhe told Mint that AICTE will only “facilitate the closure of engineering schools” entirely or in parts to achieve the target. He also said engineering colleges will not be forced to shut down and the regulatory body will “ensure that students are not at the receiving end”.



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