Akshay Kumar has forbidden his wife Twinkle from doing these two things. What are they?

Twinkle Khanna has always been that feisty pretty lady who is super candid with her photos and captions (they are sarcastic to the hilt). After her book launch, she sat down for an interview and the result was nothing but a lot of fodder for the media – all headlines stuff.

Twinkle Khanna’s husband Akshay Kumar has forbidden her from two things, namely acting and the other one happens to become a stand-up comic. She also revealed that she rehearses and practices in the mirror but to no avail, as her husband has denied her do it.

She also admitted that she is terrible at both the activities – acting and being a stand-up comic. She also said that her mother Dimple never encourages her and rather finds multiple faults in her work.

Twinkle said: “She was rather surprised when she found out that I dedicated this book to her because she has never encouraged me in anything. She has always tried to pick faults. When I first started writing columns, one of them became very popular and I called her up to ask her if she has read it and she replied – ‘No, but I wanted to tell you over dinner last night that none of your serving dishes match’.”

She was recently at her book launch and looked stunning in a multicoloured flare dress. In attendance, were other actors including Ranveer Singh, Sonam Kapoor, husband Akshay Kumar and the like. Her new book – “pyjamas are forgiving” is a light read with a dash of humour and spice (the genre which Twinkle hons).

Akshay wore pink chinos and looked as handsome as ever. The lovely Sonam Kapoor also read out an excerpt from the book, which was really sweet of her to do. She was wearing grey culottes and crop top. The event was a big success and created much of a stir in the media.



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