Akshay Kumar’s Cameo in Dishoom; Here’s Mr Khiladi in a never seen avatar

Akshay Kumar the number one Khiladi of Bollywood has kept his fans on toes every time he comes on screen. The man is known for so many things that we might run out of fingers of both hand and feet, to note them down. His superb acting, his comic timing, his fitness regimes, his married life with beautiful Twinkle Khanna, his ultra-patriotic streak, his fatherly instincts, his good looks, his sense of humor, his dancing…*sigh*! Akshay Kumar has every facet in him which makes him an impressive hero.

This time he has done something which we can add in the above mentioned list of why-Akshay-Kumar-is-the-best. The actor has done a cameo in the upcoming movie Dishoom. The movie for which its stars John Abraham, Jacqueline Fernandez and Varun Dhawan are roaming all around the country to promote it, Akshay Kumar also played a promotional trump card by revealing his role’s look in the movie on social media channels.

Akshay uploaded a picture on his official Facebook and Twitter accounts, in which he is seen riding a jet ski with hair tied up in a big manly bun. On Facebook, he captioned the picture saying, “A cameo I had a ball shooting! Rohit Dhawan’s Dishoom opens on Friday.

Akshay Kumar’s Cameo in Dishoom; Mr Khiladi in Dishoom

Also his tweet added the same with an extra something saying, Wishing all the luck to my friends Sajid, John Abraham, Varun Dhawan and Jacueline Fernandez. Pack a punch with #Dishoom

Usually what happens is that, movie makers hesitate in revealing the ‘X Factor’ of their films till the end. But if you have Akshay as this X-Factor then just forget about the usual and know that anything can happen. It is one of the rarest chances where the secret element is introduced to the world four days before the release, all thanks to Akshay Kumar.

Obviously, Akshay’s villainous avatar riding a jet ski is a surprise for his fans and the best part is that this new update about Dishoom will attract more viewers than expected.

After all, who would want to miss Akshay Kumar’s swag as a villain! Just imagine, the hero in Airlift, Gabbar, Baby, and Holiday, would be playing a super sexy yet dangerous villain. It would such an eye treat, right?

Akki cameo in Dishoom Movie

Also look in the photo he posted is so sassy as well as slaying. You should agree that it is not easy to don a simple black vest and look so cool. Plus the new hairstyle he has tried, oh god! How can one look so attractive in a hippy bun?

John and Varun who are police officers in Dishoom will have a difficult time catching this muscular fellow who is a better stuntman than both of them. The movie is set to release this Friday, 29th July. We are gearing ourselves to checkout Akshay as a villain, are you?



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