Amit Shah Spoke On Flattering Out-Turns Of Currency Ban

Etah : BJP National President Amit Shah addressing "Parivartan Maha-Rally" in Etah, Uttar Pradesh on Friday. PTI Photo (PTI12_16_2016_000210B)

In recent months, PM Modi has done unprecedented works for country’s defence and financial self-sufficiency with currency ban. Amit Shah, the BJP president talked about the two major events that changed the facet of the nation  and others nation’s point of view towards India.

At NDMC Convention Centre, New Delhi, in his inaugural speech, Shah promptly mentioned, “After the cowardly attacks in Uri, the country was expectantly looking at the BJP government at the Centre in the hope of some tough steps. During the 2014 Lok Sabha campaign, we had made the commitment that security of the borders and the soldiers will be our top priority. This time it was not a Congress government but the Narendra Modi government of the BJP. Because of the leadership and will power of the Prime Minister, for the first time in independent India, we gave a fitting reply by entering the enemy’s own home… this one decision changed the way the world looks at India”.

Currency ban

Shah also pointed on opposition’s sharp witted protest against ruling government’s policies and talked on their comment of “Khoon ki dalali” without taking any specific names.

He fostered on the positive possibilities of demonetisation and also highlighted the fact that, no other country has taken such massive move of discontinuing nearly 86 percent of the currency in circulation. Adding to this, he highlighted that, due to this, black money and counterfeit money has faced a big dent in their circulation. Also, it has affected massively Naxalism and drug trades.

Further, counting on the benefits of the move, he mentioned the possible optimum utilization of the extra tax money obtained by the government. This money, will help in clean potable water availability, more power supply and more consolidated Indian Army base.

Speaking on current stage of BJP on election battle ground, he mentioned, “The Manipur government is harassing its own people, prices are touching the roof. We have pulled all stops to strengthen the organisation in Manipur and we are there to win elections. We will build a bandh-free, developed Manipur.”



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