An NRI Started India’s First Gay Marriage Bureau

gay marriage in india

Love is one boundaryless feeling, which is extremely capable to make everyone and anyone to fall in it and fall for someone else. It does not have a gender based filter, so who are we to judge and scrutinize same sex marriages. In order to make things easier for nation’s homosexuals, the first ever gay marriage bureau has been finally inaugurated by Benhur Samson an NRI in Vdodara. It is now that we can say that everyone can find their perfect soul mate, be it within or outside the country through this new and unique marriage bureau.

Initially Mr. Samson used to help out gay with surrogacy in India till 2013, and during his this time he came to know the surprising fact that the people he’s helping are actually more inclined towards finding  prospective life partners rather than just surrogacy. Because not all are lucky enough to find the right partner in the same sexually orientated category.


In order to solve this uncanny issue for a country like India, Mr. Samson came up with an idea of setting an exclusive marriage bureau for homosexuals. Gay prince of Rajpipla, Manvendrasingh Gohil has been appointed as the head consultant, along with two advisory lawyers who will be monitoring all the legal aspects of cases which come asking for aid and guidance. It has been almost three months since the informal functioning started and immigration of an Indian who plans to marry a person abroad is an example of the cases which this bureau handles.
The bureau charges a total fee of $5,000 just to ensure that only serious candidates come forward to look for their match and in case the person does not find the match the money charged is refundable.

“Several people wanting an arranged marriage were looking for partners from India. The reason seems to that arranged marriages are common in India. Also, Indians are known for their commitment, their loyalty to partners and hard-working nature. We have received around 250 inquiries and around 24 people are enrolled with us. Those who sign up have to undergo counseling under experts. We take a couple of months to know the person and only then begin the process of identifying the right match for them”, said Benhur Samson.



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