Apple may not launch dual-SIM iPhones in India; Know why

Apple iphone

As per the sources, Apple may launch new iPhone models very soon. It is also expected that the company is planning to introduce dual-SIM phones. These phones could be a 6.1-inch LCD variant as well as 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch OLED models. Previously, it was believed that this dual-SIM functionality will be available in all phones but it will be available in only one of the variants. Know more.

After the release of iOS 12 beta 5, it was suggested that Apple may launch its first dual-SIM iPhone this year. As per a report in Taiwan’s United Daily News, dual-SIM feature will come in the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone only. It is known that Indians have great inclination towards dual-SIM phones. But, the phone may launch in market of China initially. It may come to India at a later date.

Apple iphone
image credit: DNA

From long, the sales of Apple phones are considerably low. Even many Android smartphone vendors have captured markets of India and China with their dual-SIM smartphones. An affordable dual-SIM iPhone could help Apple improve its sales numbers and market share in India. Till now, there is no official confirmation by Apple on the rumours.

It is claimed that the iPhone models currently in production have four separate “codes.” This fourth code would, presumably, be for the dual SIM 6.1-inch iPhone.



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