Arvind Kejriwal Slams Narendra Modi for Raiding CM’s Office

cbi raids kejriwal office

Tuesday 15th December turned out to be a date which will pinch Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) for next many years. Arvind Kejriwal Chief Minister of Delhi broke out on BJP Government and particularly on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The CBI raid carried out in Delhi’s CM office remained the reason, which could be held responsible for Kejri’s outburst and one of the biggest political controversy.

Reacting against the CBI raid and ceased CM office, Kejri  used micro blogging site to take on its opposition. He started with an info that “CBI raids my Office” in very first tweet earlier this morning. Following the twitter tussle Kejri said “”When Modi could not handle me politically, he resorts to this cowardice. Modi is a coward and psychopath.”

The incidence soon started trending on various news channels and social media, where number of political supports of AAP spoke in favor of Arvind Kejriwal , including Derik O’Brien of TMC and Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamta Bannerji.

However, as soon as the matter reached Parliament, finance minister Arun Jaitely completely denied from the claim saying that “The CBI has nothing to do with Arvind Kejriwal and his office.” Jaitely also clarified that the raid is in relation to corruption case against an officer, speaking in Rajya Sabha itself.


A statement from CBI’s spokesperson confirms that raid was carried out to cause any inconvenience to Arvind Kejriwal. He further added that search was conducted at 14 locations including office of Principal Secretary Rajendra Kumar, although the spokesperson denied on providing any details of the raid.

CBI further said that they have a registered case against Rajendra Kumar, who has been alleged for making misuse of his official position by “favoring a particular firm in the last few years in getting tenders from Delhi government departments.”

In the chain of reactions BJP also hit back at Kejri, where union minister Prakash Javdekar saying that the CBI was only snooping a complaint of corruption against an officer and maintained it has nothing to do with Chief Minister’s office, while Ravi Shankar Prasad in a press conference asked Arvind to apologize to Narendra Modi for the dishonor he has shown for Prime Minister.

The media reports says that AAP government has been in a long debate with center, over the control of important departments in Delhi such has Police for maintaining law and order and Land for infrastructural developments.

The Delhi government and AAP’s reaction was quite expected as they called “raid” as “darkest day” and “undeclared emergency” in the history of Indian democracy. On the other hand Deputy Chief Minsiter Manish Sisodia claimed that centre is controlling the CBI and raid at Rajendra Kumar’s office was aimed at sending message to officials “if they worked with Kejriwal honestly, they will be in trouble.”



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