Bangalore to get First IBM Cloud Business Innovation Center

First IBM Cloud Business Innovation Center

IBM has expanded business solution potentials with its cloud based Industry Platforms which will help in stepping up digital transformation needs of subscribers. This platform will deliver “quick, easy reach to service, which allows clients to utilize opportunity of cloud and big data, making their transformation predictable and result oriented”.

ibm cloud business innovation

Under this program, IBM has announced to open its first IBM Cloud Business Innovation Center in Bangalore. The center will provide an opportunity for consumers across the globe to work alongside with IBM’s Solution Consultants, Researchers, Digital Marketing and Design experts to personalize Platform to their needs.
Managing partner of cloud consulting services in IBM Global Business Service’s Sanjay Rishi interacting with media said “Our new IBM Cloud Business Innovation Center will help us to Co-Create with our clients, addressing their needs and customized solutions, delivered for fast results”.
IBM Global Business Services has launched Portfolio of Cloud Business Solution in 2014. Since then the package of multiple technology and service components is delivering continuous solutions. Based on this portfolio, IBM has announced Industry Platform which combines multiple Cloud Business Solutions along with down reaching industry content for expanded business and faster time to value.
Each of the Industry Platform put forward to clients access to a set of standard assets that can be customized to deliver distinct business solution.
The first three Platforms includes, Retail Consumer Experience – a foreground the enables retailers to swiftly set up more and more refined engagement capabilities determined by contextual, relevant, multi channel, uninterrupted personalization which delivers a “passion-driven” client experience.
Second is Personalized Learning – it delivers data-driven personalized leaning to empower educators. Lastly is the Insight for a connected world platform, which is designed for the industries and reshaped by the internet.



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