Benefits of eating salad


Say hello to salads as those raw veggies are lying in solace in your refrigerator, its time to take them out and prepare a bowl of salad for yourself. Eating salad could be forceful dietary meal for some, an it could be a compulsion for others. However, the consumption matters from whatever source it was implied on a person. Salads are considered tasteless, and do not hold up to the appetite of person , but yet the amazing benefits of a bowl of salad in daily life is wondrous. Let’s find out the benefits of eating salad everyday:

1. Lower calorie count:

Broccoli with celery and radish salad

To burn the calories is one monstrous fight for anyone as consuming is an easy task but when it comes to shedding the calories, it comes with a lot of sweating. Sweat out and burn out, follow the rule and hit the gym. But simple regime can help you burn the extra calories, consume less by eating bowl of a salad as it fills your belly. When you eat healthy, you live healthy.

2. Ingest fibre in the body:


Eating a bowl of salad in the everyday meal helps in ingesting fibre into the system. Fibre is an essential supplement to let a person remain healthy and cuts the extra fat. Well, our body does not need ample of fibre but the enough nutrients so provided by salad is enough to manifest the fibre consumption.

3. Good for Eyes:


We see the world through our eyes and nurturing it with the essential food supplement comes on a mandatory note. Spinach, lettuce and few other veggies sharpens the eyes as they are loaded with vitamin A carotenoids, zeaxanthin and lutein. These nutrients help in preventing your body against high-energy light that may have caused eye damage.

4. Good for sleep:

Beautiful woman lying and sleep on the snowy bed

According to the researchers, if you consume salad on a daily basis it not only provide a good night sleep, but helps in treating insomnia. Lettuce is loaded with sleep inducing substance called ‘lectucarium’, which has been used to treat insomnia. When you add salad in you daily meals, a noticeable difference will be witnessed by you. So loath your daily diet with salads.

5. Enhances veggie intake:


As salads are loaded with all the greens, yellows and reds, it thereby boosts your veggie intake and consuming plenty of raw veggies is always a good deal for the body. The enzymes present in the vegetables helps in absorbing the nutrients by the body.

6. Aids in digestion:


A heavy meal indeed make your stomach full but excessive eating may lead to bloating. On the other hand, if one inculcate salad in their diet it does not cause bloating but makes you feel lighter. Salads do make your belly full but it does not go with the harmonious effect of heavy meals, you do not get lazy and remain energized.

7. Boosts immune system:


A good immune system need to consume good food, salad does it to the body as it is filled by all the essential nutrients. One cannot deny the miraculous power of eating salads and if one eat it on a daily basis the antioxidants filled in salads keep diseases at bay making a strong immune system.

8. Strengthens muscles:


Salad greens and spinach contain nitrates that are responsible for boosting the production of the proteins in the muscles. Our favorite Popeye lived all his life on Spinach. His pumped up muscles was witnessed by us all, so if you want to live healthy and with strength, opt for salads, as a bowl of salad can do the magic.

Imbibe this new mantra of living green and eating green, and say yes to a blissful life.


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