Bharat Bandh Leads to Financial Loss Worth Rs 25,000 Crore

bharat bandh+economic loss

Bharat Band carried out by 10 trade unions on Wednesday 2nd September 2015, has adversely affected the business, and incurred financial losses of rupees twenty-five thousand crore across India. The nationwide strike was observed against the labour reforms proposed by the NDA government.

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As the Bharat bandh hits primary services in many cities and towns of the country, citizens vented their anger against the Bandh, through social media. Major cities including Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru were largely affected, as auto rickshaw and taxies didn’t move an inch and bank remained closed. The impact of Bharat Bandh involved almost all parts of city being deserted, as local rickshaw drivers continued the day long strike and more than 15 crore workers were reported to be on strike.

However, railway was not included in the Bharat Bandh. The strike was said to be peaceful, as quoted by General Secretary of AITUC Gurudas Dasgupta. He further added that other than railway, services like banks, transport, civil aviation, gas and oil supply will be affected in the Bharat Bandh today. Irrespective of AITUC’s peaceful call, violence was seen in many cities throughout the country. The national media reported number of clashes, protesters stoning public transport buses in Bengaluru, also cases of police having to resort to lathi charge in West Bengal against the mob going wild during the protest were reported, overall more than 1000 were detained in the mishap.

A similar clash has also been reported from few cities of Rajasthan, where people opposing bandh and the supporters of the bandh came face to face. The violent protest of trade unions has tallied the loss to be worth crores in certain parts of country. A nation-wide strike which was originally announced in July 2015, by 11 trade unions included Bhartiya Mazdoor Sandh (BMS). The government has agreed on a few demands initially presented, thereafter BMS has separated themselves from the Bharat bandh.



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