Bhopal’s big bout :This Election is a crusade for me against digvijay singh

Sadhvi Pragya Thakur has gone to the ground in front of former Chief Minister and Congress candidate from Bhopal, Digvijay Singh. When the BJP high command declared Wednesday the name of Pragya, then in the party too many discussions were started on this announcement. Within an hour of the announcement, former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan called all the MLAs, leaders and office bearers of Bhopal parliamentary constituency in the party office. In the meeting, he made it clear that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and party President Amit Shah have made wise wishes to the candidate. So now everyone will have to work together. Even with the wisdom of the elections, the whole time MP will be Alok Sanjar. The rest of the team will soon decide. The outline of all assembly-wise conferences and meetings will be decided in a day or two. The meeting was attended by National Vice-President Prabhat Jha, State Vice President Vijesh Lunawat, MP Alok Sanjar, former Minister Umashankar Gupta,

Shivraj’s drill means … do not get angry, nor do we get old, one goal – win

It is clear from Shivraj’s exercise that whatever resentment is going on in Bhopal, instead of letting it flourish, it should be calm down. The former Chief Minister said that those people whose definition is to defame saffron, have to speak against saints and saints and criticize the Hindus, they can be revengeed by vote in democracy. It was also decided in the meeting that in the coming days, during the election, the BJP will take the matter of hatred by misusing people by harassment, Hindu terrorism and deceit, to the public.

Similar message for Vidisha: After the discussion of Bhopal, Shivraj Singh also held a meeting for Ramakant Bhargava, who was declared candidate from Vidisha. The people there asked to stay united and work actively.

Sangh too active: all leaders join for one vote:  After the announcement of Pragya, at a meeting of the BJP leaders in Bhopal with RSS leaders at the RSS office Pragya Deep at 6 pm. Area preachers Deepak Vishpuate were also present. It was cleared here that it is a union ticket. Therefore there should not be any laxity in voting. Combine to remove one vote There should be no shortage of information from anywhere. Prior to retirement, Pradnya’s party office reached Upma Singh along with sister Upma Singh. They will remain with them even during the elections.

Digvijay welcomes wisdom by tweeting


Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur joined the BJP on Tuesday only, after meeting the party leaders, said, “Crusade will fight and survive”



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