BJP PM Modi Meets PDP Mehbooba Mufti For J & K Alliance

After the sad demise of Mufti Mohammad Saed in the month January, a crucial phase began regarding the formation of government between PDA and BJP. On keeping up with this issue’s urgency, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is finally having a meeting with President Mehbooba Mufti today on 22nd of March. Agenda being the long delayed talks between the PDP (Peoples Democratic Party) and the BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party) to come together and plan a collaborative government.

Before today, it was Amit Shah, President of Bhartiya Janta Party who in his meeting with Mufti Mohammad ended up with a stronger position regarding the agenda mentioned above. He also informed PM Modi in advance that the conditioned being laid down by PDP are unacceptable, simply to prepare him well for PM’s own meeting.

With reference to today’s meeting, on one hand BJP officials have informed the media that, “The outcome of this meet depends on the attitude of the PDP chief. We have spoken to all the ministers whose departments are likely to be impacted by the demands made by Mehbooba. All ministers have promised to go out of their way to help in the formation of the J-K government”. On the other hand Bhartiya Janta Party is tackling the situation by downplaying the potentialities ahead of the Modi-Mehbooba meeting. The result can be anything, positive or nothing at all. The attitude being followed by BJP is devoid of many expectations.  They do expect Mehbooba’s full participation in the joined government forming deal in the due course.  While the PDP people are under the bad impression that BJP hasn’t contributed much for the respective agenda. Mehbooba has been asking for the excess army land to be given back to her state and that the centrally run power plants should be reassigned to the respective state government.  BJP assuming that PDP Chief is under some sort of pressure on these conditions has decided to give Mehbooba a novel power generating capacity with productive coal fields.

 So overall it is a very vital meeting and is expected to give out some major lead in the concerned matter.



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