BJP’s tweet gets reply from Congress and AAP is the best thing on internet today

Twitter is well known for- Tweet, wit and the twist. The recent tweet from Bharatiya Janta Party’s (BJP) twitter handle BJP4India, featuring Congress, should be the tweet of the day, at least in India.

Creating a parody out of a trending rap song ‘Azadi’ from upcoming movie ‘Gully Boy’, BJP4India tweeted a video about the dynasty and misrule of Indian National Congress (INC) from its inception. Congress couldn’t stop itself from reacting on the tweet. Interestingly, Mr. Kejriwal’s AAM ADMI PARTY (AAP) also jumped in the tomfoolery.

BJP4India said, “While @RahulGandhi will stay up all night wondering what new lies to peddle tomorrow morning, we leave you with this goal for 2019. Have a happy Friday night, people! :)’

So, when BJP4India gave the people “goal for 2019”, Congress was the to get on it.

This is what they replied-

AAP ‘s binge mode on (as usual)-


Everyone has ‘AZADI’ to have fun-


Twitterati couldn’t spare ‘Mahagadhbandhan’

Zaya Akhtar’s directorial ‘Gully Boy’ and its songs are giving rap goals and people are extracting best out of it. Here is ‘Pura Bahumat Aayega’ rapped by two young girls is already a viral-

Isn’t the rap on point?




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