British government says it can’t deport Vijay Mallya, but can extradite him for India

British government says it can't deport Vijay Mallya, but can extradite him for India

Vijay Mallya’s constant movement from India to Britain has brought both the mentioned countries in concern with his monetary and legal battles with the Indian banks. The British government has been asked by us to deport Vijay Mallya, as he is clearly needed in India for various reasons.

Deporting a foreign national seems unruly for the British side but since the allegations against the man are very serious, so they have decided to help Indian

Ministry of External Affairs which is headed by Sushma Swaraj has informed the concerned media channels that, “The UK Government has informed us that under the 1971 Immigration Act, the UK does not require an individual to hold a valid passport in order to remain in the UK if they have extant leave to remain as long as their passport was valid when leave to remain or enter the UK was conferred,”

“The UK acknowledges the seriousness of the allegations and is keen to assist Government of India. They have asked us to consider requesting mutual legal assistance or extradition,”

It is true that back to back unfortunate events are happening in Vijay Mallya’s life for over 3 months now, but as it is said that you reap what you sow and so will Mallya and this time its the British government which is for India’s aid.



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