By Poll Election Results Live Updates: Demonetisation a Bitter ‘Acid Test’ for the Centre?

Bypolls Election 2016

The public has already given its mandate, the EC is busy counting votes and the Centre is keeping its fingers crossed on the ‘Judgement Day’. The media houses, politicians and public look forward to by-poll election results today!

After the Election Commission had announced by-elections in six Indian states (Maharashtra, Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Tripura and West Bengal) and one Indian territory (Puducherry), the entire country was anxiously waiting for counting of votes. Modi-led BJP’s latest demonetisation move, which initially aimed at tackling black money issue in India, is said to have a significant impact on the by-polls. Since these are the first elections post currency ban, the by-polls are seen as a litmus test for the ruling BJP government.

The EC made appropriate arrangements for the elections that started on November 14 on 4 Lok Sabha constituencies and 14 Assembly seats. Judging by the mood of the public, which has mixed reactions on currency ban, it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact outcome of by-polls this month. Here are live updates from different states.

Indian voters hold up their voter ID cards as they stand in a queue to cast their vote at a polling station in Amritsar on May 13, 2009. during the final phase of polling for national elections.  India voters cast their final ballots in the country's marathon elections, with analysts predicting a shaky coalition government that will struggle to survive a full term.
Indian voters hold up their voter ID cards as they stand in a queue to cast their votes.

By Poll Election Results Live Updates: Who’s Hot and Who’s Not?

  1. Puducherry

CM V. Narayanasamy from Congress, who was contesting against AIADMK candidate Om Shakthi in Nellithope, registered his victory by a margin of 11,155 votes.

  1. Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is the epicentre of complex politics involving 81 contestants from 4 major parties BJP, AIADMK, DMK and MDMK for Tiruparakundram, Aravakurichi and Thanjavur seats. As of now AIADMK takes the lead in Aravakurichi and Tiruparakundram.

  1. Tripura

In ‘Hill Tippera’, which is the third smallest state in India, assembly elections were held at Barjala and Khowai. While Barjala seat was earlier held by Jitendra Sarkar (Congress MLA), the death of Samir Deb, a veteran leader from CPI-M necessitated election in Khowai Seat. The results have been declared now. CPI-M candidates have won both the seats in Tripura. However, BJP emerged as the second largest party in terms of vote share.

  1. West Bengal

By-polls are being held in the Lok Sabha seats of Cooch Behar, Tamluk and Assembly constituency of Monteshwar in West Bengal. At present, Trinamool is now leading by 2.2 lakh votes in Tamluk.

  1. Assam

Voting was conducted over 2,200 poll boots in assembly constituency of Baithalangso and Parliamentary constituency of Lakhimpur. Right now, BJP leads the Lakhimpur constituency with 1,02,010 votes.

  1. Madhya Pradesh

The stronghold of BJP over Madhya Pradesh has turned into an interesting topic of discussion now. BJP’s Gyan Singh leads by a huge margin in Shahdol district.

  1. Maharashtra

One municipal seats and six legislative council seats were contested in the elections held on November 19. Out of the 6 seats, BJP and Congress won 2 each whereas Shiv Sena and NCP won 1-1 seats.

By-Polls Results in a Nutshell…

Demonetization will have a significant impact on BJP's fate in the up coming by-polls.
Demonetization will have a significant impact on BJP’s fate in the up coming by-polls.

Indians that were already divided by religion, caste, faith and community earlier have now split into two groups by demonetisation and by-polls. BJP supporters, who’re confident of the party’s victory in MP, Assam and Maharashtra reflect a common man’s faith in its PM, despite experiencing tough times in the bank queue. On the other hand, BJP’s apparent loss in West Bengal, Tripura, Puducherry and Tamil Nadu tells us that demonetisation didn’t sit well with the public, who’s set to teach a hard lesson to the ruling BJP party.



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