CAA real purpose is to give citizenship, not take it away, says PM Modi

Narendra Modi, West Bengal
Narendra Modi addressed a large crowd in West Bengal
Narendra Modi, West Bengal
Narendra Modi addressed a large crowd in West Bengal

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that he wants to clear the cloud around CAA and explained that in actual CAA is introduced to provide citizenship and not take it away.

He was in West Bengal’s Howrah district where he addressed a gathering of youth at Belur Math, the headquarters of Ramakrishna Mission, on the special occasion of the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. Mr. Modi accused those opposing the amended law of “playing political games” and “fuelling misconception among the youth”.

“What is there in this Act? Why was it needed? There are a lot of questions in the minds of the youth which have been fuelled by various people. Lot of youth have awareness. Yet, there are some who are victims of misconception, rumours. It is our responsibility to make them understand,” he said.

He asked the audience whether people who faced “religious persecution in neighbouring countries should be left to die”.

“We only implemented what the great freedom fighters including Gandhiji had wished to do”.

Emphasising on the fact again that the Act is aimed at providing citizenship not taking it way, the Prime Minister said, “We are not taking anyone’s citizenship. A person irrespective of his or her religion, whether he/ she believes in God or not but has faith in the Constitution of India can seek citizenship under already laid down procedure”.

He also took the topic of tensions in the North-east in to consideration and said, “As far the question of north eastern states go they are our pride. The Centre has made provisions that there will be no adverse affect on culture and demography of north east because of this law.”

Being in Kolkata he was bound to be asked a question on Mamta Banerjee’s leadership and Mr. Modi didn’t hide from the opportunity of taking a dig at Mamta Banerjee.

“Under the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi, 8 crore farmers have benefitted as about 43,000 crores rupees have been transferred to their account through direct benefit transfer.. When there is a direct transfer, no cut money is involved syndicate does not get anything. Why would someone try to implement such a scheme,” Mr Modi said targeting the TMC government.



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