Celebrate World Health Day with Core Fitness Regimes of These Actresses

Celebs personify the fitness regime no one else. Fitness remains their top tick in the list of to-dos and we couldn’t agree less to it. Their followers will concur to their fitness freaky nature. We often see Yoga and Pilates in their regular workout culture and some other deep down core workouts to make them look dapper.

Below we have the best extracts out of these celeb’s workout regimes.

Deepika Padukon:

Pilates is the thing for Deepika and she herself has admitted it. If it’s not some song or film on her way, she divulges herself into the complete pilates regime.

Katrina Kaif:

Teaming up pilates with some functional gym training, Katrina does it all on her own taste. Sometimes she is into all three days of functional training with two pilates days and sometimes it includes only a day of pilates. She prefers cardio for every day.

Alia Bhatt:

Alia too is a pilates person but prefer it more above anything else. Generally, she teams up weight training with pilates.

Bipasha Basu:

Bipasha has the graven image when it comes to fitness and workout. There is not a thing, she hasn’t tried and makes it even more interesting. She is open to every fitness challenge and remain keen to try out things.


Almost all of them chase after the similar fitness goals and follow almost similar pattern but when it comes to specific role, they add up something to get it right.

Their core routine allows them to workout daily without having a single day of laziness.

Cheat Days:

Yes, they have cheat days too! This becomes almost compulsory in their concentrated work culture. For they need complete focus and dedication to keep things going for them, they rely on cheat days to get the most out of their lives. For Alia, it’s once in a week when she is all by herself!




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