Check the love-hate relationship with beef by this guy

beef ban in india news

A country like India where a humongous debate has been propagating around the country about the consumption and non consumption of beef, this guy from East India Company assorted (EIC)  all the ingredients that are spilled out from this outrage and presented a video that speaks volume about the beef story.

This guy, Azeem Banatwalla, who himself is a Muslim presents a picture besides all the communalism and political tension, and portrays the real scenario which is clinging an ugly image. India which is the largest exporter of beef, the 5th largest producer of beef and 7th largest consumer of beef in the world is going with this beef ban story? Alright, quite ironical where this questions of beef ban are dismaying all over.

India who is earning 4.3 bn USD out of beef has finally put questions on beef ban. What is the propaganda of all these arising questions?

Well, it’s hardly about hurting any religious sentiments, its due respect to all the Hindu religions and people following it, but this highly blown up issue really needed a man being killed, just because he was suspected to consume beef, whereas the forensic reports claims that he consumed mutton.

God save this beef ban story which is  horizoning in multiple directions. However,  this guy decided to take a look at the real story in his way.



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