China calls India “Betrayer”, while PM Modi fosters stronger relationships with Israel

PM Narendra Modi, the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Israel warmly welcomed at the host country by PM Benjamin Netanyahu who greeted NaMo with these 3 words: “We love India”.

Anti-terror ties on the go

NaMo planned to ink strategic ways of curbing the menace of terrorism on the global landscape. NaMo signaled that cooperation between New Delhi and Tel Aviv will ensure that the bane of terrorism vanishes.

PM Modi in conversation with an Israel newspaper spelled out the significance of his three-day visit to Israel. “This trip has its own significance as this is the first time ever that an Indian PM is visiting Israel”. “ This would strengthen ties between the two countries. India and Israel are not immune to it (terrorism). We are in full agreement that elements which perpetrate violence on innocent people should not be allowed to flourish,” the Prime Minister asserted.

China calls India a “betrayer”

While Israel and India are formulating threads of friendship and cooperation, rival China is showing off its detestation at multiple fronts. China slams India for meeting Israel and calls it a”betrayer”.

China accused India of breaching the British-era territorial understanding over their border in Sikkim. What is likely to suffer amidst the series of claims? It is the good relations shared by prime ministers of both countries, i.e. PM Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Chinese activity observed in the Indian Ocean

Besides explicit tussle between India and China including the border issues, the Indian Navy has also noticed Chinese activity in the Indian Ocean. The Indian army spotted an intelligence-gathering ship, Haiwingxing,  in the Indian Ocean late last month, after the Sikkim border issue came to the forefront.

The increasing concerns of army trespassing countries’ perceived boundaries will become a serious concern for the Prime Ministers of both countries, who are expected to meet at the G-20 meeting scheduled to be held next week in Germany.



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