Circle of Cricket: An ideal world for all cricket lovers and enthusiasts. Here is what you should know about it

Cricket is a sensation in India and across the world. The sport has amassed massive following and craze among the citizens of the country. Whether it is Twenty-Twenty or IPL, almost everybody is drenched in the cricket fever. Understanding the pulse of the market, a group of people has curated an all-cricket website named ‘Circle of Cricket’. This website only talks about Cricket and everything surrounding it.

Circle of Cricket (CoC) is a new website which will render a new dimension the game of Cricket. It is trending on Twitter and other social platforms as there is definitely something special about it. Here are a variety of tweets which just caught our attention.

CoC took to Twitter to announce their arrival and it couldn’t have been a grander welcome for them. Their hashtag topped Twitter trending feed.

In an introductory tweet, CoC wrote: A rejuvenated Website and an all-new logo. We bring Cricketing stories to you like never before. . The website is trying to propagate the name and the website across all social media channels.

CoC captioned another picture saying: The all-new Circle of Cricket website is set to add a new dimension to the game. Feel the vibes with its all-new logo.

The essence of this website is that it ushers in a wave of change across the cricketing industry. With this website, all cricket fans see the hope of an even more progressive approach towards cricket.

Here is what another tweet from CoC said: Circle Of Cricket is back bigger and better with new features. Check out all that has changed now.

The website can be reached at It encompasses all cricket news, live scorecards, buzzing feeds, latest pictures, viral stuff in the realm of Cricket. Well, we can’t wait to hop to this website and keep ourselves abreast of all that’s happening in the World of Cricket.



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