Cisco Invests $100 Million For Indian Digitization

Cisco has always been a great supportive force for our country as it has invested in about 25 companies in India. After its booming technological assistance to Pune and Andhra Pradesh, John Chambers is all set to invest in an amount exceeding $100 million(around Rs 665 crore)  by 2020 to make the plan of connecting thousands of villages to the internet and creating jobs, a successful hit.

This is just in perfect line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initiative series which includes drives like ‘Skill India’, ‘Digital India’ and ‘Startup India’. Each one of them has been formulated to facilitate a well built connection of every Indian with the internet world, its online services, employment creation, and a self-dependent life.

“We are collaborating closely with state governments on strategic initiatives like setting up innovation labs. We want to play a key role in digitization of the country. The impact of digitization is far-reaching, helping countries maintain global competitiveness, foster innovation and create jobs,” said Chambers, Executive Chairman of Cisco.

Cisco has also outlined to invest $40 million of the total planned investment to fund the early and mid-stage startups, which is another generous step from the company’s side especially for its10, 000 employees in India. Along with this Chambers mentioned that, “The Company will work with federal and provincial governments in India. The strategy is to have an active role at all stages of startup development, from identification, creation of incubators and accelerator programs, to directly and indirectly funding the most promising digital startups across India.”

We Indians can thank Cisco by making the best use of the monetary aid and investment it has provided our country with.



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