CM Vasundhara Raje increasing “Happiness Index” and bringing smiles to the Poor in Rajasthan


Playing is important to children as they grow up while playing with toys and thus, they really love toys. If you have any doubt about it, just take a child to a toy store and I’m sure he/she will found out various things there that will make them feel incomplete without them. Toys are much more to kids than just games and fun as a study has proved that toys engage a child’s senses, spark their imaginations and encourage them to interact with others. Rajasthan’s Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje has thus always taken the initiative to spread a smile on the face of a child so that she can provide a positive upbringing to every child of the society, especially for kids who cannot afford it.

Under such initiatives, she launched various programs and schemes for infants and kids to learn better and enjoy their childhood to the maximum. She always had connected to the people of Rajasthan and did everything to ensure a brighter and prosperous future of the state of Rajasthan. Thus, she aimed towards increasing the ‘Happiness index of Rajasthan’ or ‘Khushali Index of Rajasthan’. There are various initiatives being taken by the Vasundhara Raje Government to improve the Happiness Index of the people and lead the state to the league of top performing states.

Happiness Index

A happy society is what Team Rajasthan is looking for and CM’s vision of a healthy, educated, gender sensitive, economically well-developed and prosperous Rajasthan would soon become a reality under her dynamic constructive leadership. For fulfilling this dream, CM Raje initiated the launch of Toy Bank for kids who belong to economically backward families and couldn’t afford them. For them, a room stuffed with dolls, toy guns, puzzles, teddy bears, toy cars and bikes; state government and district administration is truly playing the role of Santa Claus to increase the Happiness Index. It is a reality in the city of Ajmer, where people donate toys so that it could reach to children who previously had no access to such fun. The Toy Bank is named Bal Grah and authorities are providing toys to children here for their physical, emotional and social development.

It is worth a notice that More than 40,000 toys have been distributed to 1,946 Anganwadi centers and around 11,000 have been given to  primary schools, children homes, children’s hospitals and community centers across the district. It is a result of the compassionate working of CM Vasundhara Raje’s vision of Happiness Index of Rajasthan.

Some other notable initiatives taken by district collectors in a span of three months under increasing ‘Happiness index of Rajasthan’ include schemes like kitchen garden in Nagaur, free slippers to students in government schools (Jalore), book bank (Hanumangarh) and toy bank, cloth bank, book container and mobile library in different cities. To the Topy Bank in Ajmer, she donated 101 toys on the occasion of the inauguration in Ajmer and Nagaur.

It was the efforts and true hard work of the CM Vasundhara Raje that inspired various non-government organizations to create toy banks for providing happiness to both donors and receivers. This initiative by Government has gained mass popularity and within 2 months, the toy banks received more than 80,000 toys from diverse donor groups.

According to child psychologist Avina Kalla, “Toys play an important part in the upbringing of a child, especially when he has not many friends around. Some children play with toys while others find a toy in any form present around them. Toys that mainly enhance development in a child should be engaging ones in which a child can put in his effort. Mental development of a child also gets affected by the type of toys he plays. It’s often seen a hyperactive child will play with bright-coloured toys or those which produce sound and those who are calm will prefer subtle ones.”

Not just this, the state administration have also set up “Kapda bank or cloth bank” and “Book bank” with the assistance of Ajmer District administration. The Kapda or cloth bank has received more than 5,000 new clothes including dresses for primary schoolchildren, sarees, shawls, and blankets. The clothes which are in good condition are being used and rest old clothes are used for making carry bags.

Right, another efforts to increase the Happiness Index include the book bank and mobile library for underprivileged children to provide them with competitive books and college books. Other than competition books, they also contain fiction and non-fiction books and is one of its kind library in the country. So far, the mobile bank has stored nearly categorized 2,000 books.

Also, CM instructed her officials to be more sensitive and prompt to public demands so that people could truly experience “Aao Saath Chalen” towards a developing Rajasthan.



  1. Happiness Index scheme की राजस्थान सरकार की योजना व वित्त पोषण की जानकारी देवे।
    इस बारे मे NGO के लिये क्या नियम है, कृपया अवगत करावे।

  2. Please letme know what is scheme for NGO for Happiness Index.What is govt. rules for funding for scheme.Who execute or conduct Happiness Scheme


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