Cockroach Milk is a superfood and fantastic protein supplement


Everybody is scared of an insect called COCKROACH, especially girls. They just scare the hell out of everybody only with a mere sight of it. Also, you get that YAKKK feeling on seeing them roaming around in your kitchen or bedroom. But the recent researches have clarified about such a quality in cockroaches that you might want to think again before smashing the insect under your feet, whenever you find it in your apartment.

In a recent study conducted by a team of scientists, it was discovered that the milk of a cockroach has the potential of becoming the greatest protein supplement of the whole lot. The study was conducted at the India’s Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine, in Bangalore, India. It is termed as superfood for its extreme health benefits as compared to any other dairy product.

The subject of the study was a Pacific Beetle Cockroach, which is the only species of Cockroach which gives birth to breathing young ones. The scientific term of the species is called Diploptera Punctata, who feed their young ones with self lactating milk protein crystals. The research found out that those milk protein crystals found in the guts of the species contains three times more energy as compared to an equivalent mass of dairy (buffalo) milk. Cockroach’s milk crystallizes within their stomach. Till date, it was cow’s milk which is considered to be the best supplement of protein.

The study was lead by Subramanian Ramaswamy, who said,

“Cockroach’s milk contains all the necessary acids like fats, sugars, amino acids, and more than four times the nutrition of cow’s milk. It is a time released food and could be a great protein supplement.”

But the weight and calories conscious girls and boys would not be happy to know that cockroach milk is very high on calories despite its nutritional value.

This super food for future is one of the best options for people but the study is not yet completed. It will not be very casual and handy to manage a cockroach dairy farm. Keeping this in mind and reducing the hard work of dairy farms, the scientists are now working to sequence the genes and yeast a system through which they will be able to reproduce these crystals in a mass quantity in a laboratory.

So, from the next time, when you see a cockroach, don’t panic. Just think about the future when you will be consuming a cockroach’s milk.



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