Comedian Mallika Dua lands herself in the controversy by commenting on #PulwamaAttack

The wounds of Pulwama attack are still bleeding and comedian Mallika Dua scratched them to bleed more. Dua took to Facebook and her IG TV on Instagram to take on the Pulwama terror attack and the criticism around it on social media.

To all the nakli nationalists and keyboard patriots, you don’t get to decide who’s Indian and who’s not. Especially those of you hell bent on destroying the secular fabric of this country really need to shut your mouths before giving others unsolicited Gyaan on being Indian. Tum hum se zyaada hindustaani nahin aur hum tumse kam Hindustaani nahi. It’s very convenient to be a keyboard warrior when it’s someone else shedding blood on your behalf.

Posted by Mallika Dua on Sunday, 17 February 2019

The terror attack in Jammu and Kashmir that took the lives of 40 jawans of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) has left the entire country in a state of shock.

Dua, in the video, said, “These people who are saying that ‘humare log shaheed ho gaye, aap apne life normally kaise jee rahe ho (our people have been martyred, how can you live your life normally)’… people are saying this to each other; not just to me, it’s all over social media. There is a group of people who are violently in protest of the fact that people are showing their lives the way they are.’

Further she said, ‘Now my point is, every day there are people who die of hunger, bhukmari, berozgaari, depression… there are so many reasons why people die; not just in India, but all over the world. You keep going about your life like you do, right? Are those lives any less important? Or are we being insensitive? Do we not care because we are posting things on social media? What is this logic? Yeh kya nonsense chal rahi hai ki poora desh ro raha hai aur tum has rahi ho?’ Dua is heard saying in the video on her social media accounts

The video received more than 1,500 comments, most of them from people slamming Mallika for her insensitivity.

February 14’s terror attack in Jammu and Kashmir’s Pulwama was the worst the state has seen in a decade. The attack which claimed the life of 40 CRPF soldier, was claimed by banned terrorist organization Jaish-E-Mohammed. Adil Ahmad Dar, a suicide bomber, rammed an explosives-laden SUV into a bus, resulting in the death of 40 soldiers. The terror attack saw severe criticism from many countries all over the world.



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