Congress Govt. eliminates the minimum qualification requirements for contesting municipal elections

The civic elections are just around the corner and for this purpose, the Congress government has decided to eliminate the minimum qualification requirements.

The BJP government, on the other hand, made education qualification a mandatory requirement for people contesting zila parishad, panchayat samiti and municipal elections. Moreover, class 8 pass is a mandatory requirement for sarpanch elections. Likewise, class 5th pass was necessary for contesting the sarpanch elections in panchayats in scheduled areas.

Health Minister Raghu Sharma said: “Our government has decided to remove the condition of mandatory qualification for contesting in local body or Panchayati Raj elections. In a democracy, whether a person is literate or illiterate, when we can’t stop him from contesting Assembly elections, we have no right to stop him from contesting local body or Panchayati Raj polls.”

Observing the contrast? The BJP government relied on education for becoming a candidate to serve the public, whereas Congress government relies on personal connections and more affluent persons.

Recently, the Congress government made Jagroop Singh Yadav as the Jaipur collector. Well, they have started off with corruption already. Yadav has six ACB cases pending against him. Everybody was questioning this decision but Congress was happy as they got an additional source of income for the party and its workers.



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