Congress let Alia, Malia, Jamalia enter the country from Pakistan as they saw them as vote bank: Amit Shah

Rajasthan’s elections are less than a week away and with the decision day coming soon, ruling party chief Amit Shah came out to spill beans on Rahul Gandhi’s stance on illegal immigrants in Assam.

Amit Shah slammed Rahul Gandhi for showing concern for “illegal immigrants in Assam”. He also promised that if BJP is voted to power, their government will sure throw each and every infiltrator after identifying them.

Congress has actually, in a way, lost hopes for forming the government in Rajasthan. This is quite inevitable, given the developmental schemes implemented by Rajasthan.

“Vote for the BJP in Rajasthan now and in the Lok Sabha elections next year, and we promise to throw them out. Kashmir se Kanyakumari, Kolkata se Kutch, ek ek ghuspethiye ko chun chun kar desh se bahar nikal denge.In other words, he said that he will identify each and every illegal immigrant from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Kolkata to Gujarat, and throw them out.

The top concern for PM Modi is the security of the security of the Assam citizens’. Recently, when it was discovered that almost 40 lakh names were missing from the National Citizens’ Register or NRC in Assam. The Congress picked up this issue and allegedly claimed that there are no Muslims in the list on the pretext that BJP is targetting illegal migrants from Bangladesh. Well, this statement doesn’t need explanations. The myths which Congress has been observing are apparently making them look childish.

“Mr Shah claimed that “for 10 years of Congress era, Alia, Malia, Jamalia kept entering from Pakistan. Nobody stopped them as Congress saw them as vote bank”.

Slamming Rahul Gandhi for being so concerned about the infiltrators, BJP Chief Amit Shah hinted that Rahul Gandhi is concerned as if the infiltrators were his cousins. What a befitting reply, indeed! “Shouldn’t immigrants be thrown out,” he asked the public in the rally.

Rahul baba and his company made hue and cry in the parliament. Why are you throwing them out, what will they eat, where will they go, what about their human rights, they asked. But when these infiltrators enter our country and throw bombs killing our countrymen, what about the human rights of their families?” the BJP president said.



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