Country’s Best Software Engineering Institutes

best engineering colleges in india

The globalization and computerization has opened gates of number of career options, widely available both for commerce and science streams of education. The focus here is on engineering, as in present a large number of students enroll themselves into engineering college.

However, engineering is a very broad term to explain, which includes Mechanical, Civil, Electronic, Chemical and Computer as a main branches. These branches can be further divided into huge number of sub-branches, associating with area specific fields.

One such specific field in Software Engineering which has various parts includes designing, development, maintenance and testing of a software program. These software programs are required in our day to day life, as everything in the present time is computer driver and computer works through software.

This particular branch of computer science is considered to be a great career option for students, more or less because design and development are never ending processes in the industry. In India alone more than 1 million students become IT graduate, out of which nearly 60% chooses software engineering for their longer career.

Looking into the opportunity of the branch, we have brought before you list of some finest engineering colleges of India, these colleges provides core education in software engineering. So here we are:

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)


It is one of the finest Engineering Institute of India, where almost every engineering student wants get enrolled. To be specific, all IIT institute across India are very much efficient in imparting best of industry knowledge and job placements. As a matter of fact, students of IIT are offered highest salary packages by the companies during campus. The fact is adding value to this premium engineering institute.

National Institute of Technology (NIT)

National Institute of Technology is standing second among the list of best engineering institutes, preferred for a bright future by students in field of engineering. All the branches of NIT offer computer science courses, along with best teaching staff. The institute helps its students getting high paid jobs in top MNC’s.

Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT)


Manipal Institute of Technology is another premium engineering institute of India. MIT is among the first Self-Financed colleges of the country. It is situated in Karnataka state of India, is a home to hardworking and dedicated set of faculties. The institute is setting new milestones in campus placements, outperforming the top institutes of country.

Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences (BITS)

This institute has its branches in Pilani, Dubai, Goa and Hyderabad and is also most favored college among students not only of India but for international students as well. The institute offer curriculum in all branches of engineering well versed with quality teaching and campus placement. A student of BITS – Pilani has been recently offered yearly package of Rs.1.4 cr by Google.

Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT)


KIIT university is a deemed prestigious institute of technical studies, which offer its students best knowledge and excellent placement opportunities. This institute holds record of placing around 2500 students in one day. Apart from this KIIT is among the preferred destination not only for students but also for the software companies.

PSG College of Technology


PSG College is a Government Aided Autonomous Institute, which is affiliated to Anna University of Chennai. The college is a highly rated college of South India and is among the desired college for Software MNC’s. However it is really tough for prospective students to crack the admission process of institute.

Malaviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT)


The institute is among the top engineering institutes of North India, one has to acquire good score in both entrance exams national and state level. This institute has some of the best faculty staff, which enriches students with knowledge and skills in their respective courses enrolled. The college also holds the record of more than 85% placements.

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNU)

JNU has a different stand among the students aimed to be a software engineer; it is among the finest universities of India indulging to impart guidance in software engineering. JNU is located in Hyderabad, its graduates finds job opportunity very easily. Apart from this university, is been equipped with a library which is open 24 hrs for students.

College of Engineering Pune (COEP)


College of Engineering is the oldest college not of India alone but within whole Asia after IIT Roorkee. It has been operating since 1854 in various streams of Engineering. Software Engineering is one among the best faculty, which provides placements in country’s top software companies.

The above mentioned institutes and colleges offer best opportunities to its students. Every one of them have highly qualified professors and lecturers, which ensure bright future of their students, further supported by world class placement opportunity in MNC’s and top software companies of the world.



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