Deepika wasn’t invited to Priyanka’s engagement party but Ranveer Singh was. And this is a big deal!

Priyanka Chopra’s wedding has become a glitzy Bollywood affair but its now also becoming a controversial matter. You know why? Priyanka Chopra didn’t call Deepika Padukone on her wedding. But wait! She called Deepika’s beau Ranveer Singh. Do you know why? Well, that’s the catch!

Priyanka Chopra’s engagement party has been a box of surprises. From the close-knit puja events to Bollywood engagement parties, Priyanka’s engagement party is a mixed bag.

It was earlier reported that Ranveer Singh has been sent the guest list. It was anticipated that Priyanka Chopra must have invited Deepika Padukone but no! This isn’t the case.

Deepika and Priyanka have been seen together in Koffee With Karan (2014). Not only this, they were also seen in a movie together in Bajirao Mastani (2015).

A media report recently said: “Deepika has always been supportive of Priyanka and she would have definitely gone to wish her if she was invited. In fact, everyone knows Ranveer and DP are a couple and will walk down the altar this November. So, it’s odd that PC left Dippy’s name out of her guest list. Who does that?” Was this to apply a dash of salt to the wounds which were apparently never there?

Missing out on the colossal diamond ring of Priyanka Chopra will be a foolish thing. This was the article which was the center of all attention in the photos of the puja. Another unmissable thing was the stars who attended the party were Alia Bhatt, Parineeti Chopra, industrialist Mukesh Ambani with wife Nita and daughter Isha Ambani.

What we are left to wonder if the fact that a friendship which made to the headlines back in the day is today falling apart. What could be the reason? It is definitely not men but could it be a career? Is Deepika’s growing relevance in the Hollywood market one of the reasons? Tell us what you think in the comments section below!



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