Delhi: Thousands and thousands of farmers take out rally for loan waivers, higher minimum support prices

New Delhi: Farmers participating in the kisan mukti sansad in New Delhi on Tuesday. PTI Photo by Shahbaz Khan(PTI7_18_2017_000089B)

As we are nearing the elections, the farmers’ rallies are getting more intense in almost all states and Delhi is no exception. Delhi farmers are out on the roads as they demand a loan waiver for themselves and the entire farmer community.

The farmers, agricultural workers, their leaders are all out to participate in the anti-government Mazdoor Kisan Sangharsh rally. The rally has been backed by the political leaders in the Left. Infact, the news is that the CPI(M)-affiliated unions were strategizing ways to expand the protests. CPI has organized this hate-invoking rally.

CPI (M) HAS also scheduled the launch of other rallies. “From November 28 to 30, we will hold a ‘Long March of the Dispossessed’. It will not just be farmers, but also the landless, Adivasis, Dalits and workers,” AIKS joint secretary Vijoo Krishnan said.

The farmers filled the city with red flags, which was seen as an act of venting their inner angst and frustration. The crowd yelled and shouted slogans like Modi Hatao and Inquilab Zindabad. The rally has blocked the roads, creating a ruckus for the civilians and others. Not only this, more police force was deployed to handle the situation effectively and peacefully.

The protestors flocked to the Ramlila Maidan and the Parliament street for the rally. The count of farmers had reached at least 1.5 lakh farmers whose major demands included purchase on a comprehensive minimum support price, loan waivers for small farmers, a minimum wage of ₹18,000 a month and an end to anti-worker labour reform, and social and food security for all.

A slew of protests are planned for the next few months, several organised by an alliance wider than the CPI(M)’s unions.

The demands of farmers seem to be never-ending. Do you think it is that easy for the government to entertain these demands and offer them what they want – whether it is an MSP or a loan waiver? Comment below!



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