Devendra Fadnavis Replies Rajdeep Sardesai’s Open Letter

Devendra Fadnavis Replies Rajdeep Sardesai’s Open Letter

Maharashtra CM replying on open letter of Rajdeep Sardesai, scripts it to be an ill-informed and biased. Rajdeep Sardesai is a senior journalist of India Today Group, wrote an open letter to Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis on 18th September, bashing the government and Chief Minister on recently occurred events of Meat Ban, Sedition, Rakesh Maria’s transfer and Farmers Suicide within the state.

However, in his reply on Tuesday (22nd September), Devendra Fadnavis has marked this open letter as a biased one and even ill-informed. Both these letters were published in Hindustan Times as an exclusive report.

Sardesai’s version has said Fadnavis to be rationale over the decision of Meat and Beef Ban in the state, pointing out decision which was first made by the past government and was also attempted to be implemented beyond Mumbai suburbs of Mira-Bhayandar. The senior journalist claimed it to be food governance.

Fadnavis in his reply over the Meat Ban said “The decision was originally framed by Congress Government in 2004. It was just conveyed to all municipal corporations like Mumbai and Mira-Bhayander, additionally these corporations have adopted the resolution dated in 1994 for further two days ban”. A counter blaming of post script says that media did not raise any voice against the decision at that time, then why is it so, when we are just implementing the law.

Secondly, Rajdeep pointed out the sudden transfer of Maharashtra Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria, while he was closely investigating the high profile Sheena Bora murder case. The letter indicated this to be a suspicious, as the transfer was given without any explanation, hence imparting a wrong message among the masses.

CM, resolving the issue raise, replied that “A police chief is not an investigating officer in case, while he is a supervisory authority. It was just like any other transfer done keeping in mind the upcoming festive season and right time to handling over the charge to a new officer”. Connecting it with a particular case is just a continued confusion by your end.

The Maharashtra government has recently issued a circular on guidelines to be followed by the police while making arrests on sedition charges. The circular says “…words, signs or representations to be treated as seditious” as mentioned in the open letter of Rajdeep Serdesai. Argued as a attack over individuals freedom to express views.

In the reply CM says that ‘it is again very biased argument, as Maharashtra government has not given any decision on subject matter and just conveys the orders given by High Court to police department.’ Further slamming Rajdeep on the issued he said that ‘You may not want to go through such details to understand the issue, as you just want to pursue leftist agenda vigorously and passionately’.

The conclusive part of open letter of Rajdeep, sheds lights on rising number of farmer suicides in Vidharbha and Marathwada which are facing drought like conditions. The issue needs a single-minded focus of government dictates the open letter. Sardesai also mention the help provided by Bollywood actor Nana Patekar.

Devendra Fadnavis once again kept government on upper hand, explaining details of Jalyukta Shivar Yojna and the contribution made by the individuals, along with this has listed out on paper achievements of state government over the issue.



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