‘Dhritrashtra’ of Mahabharata Claims Mr. India 2015 Title

mr world 2015 bodybuilding winner

Thakur Anoop Singh a television actor who played role of Dhritrashtra in Mahabharata epic, telecasted on star plus back in 2011. The actor has now added a new gem not only to his personal profile but for his country as well, when he bagged title of Mr. India 2015 in 7th World Body Building and Physique Championship, held at Singapore last week.

mr world Thakur Anoop Singh

Anoop Singh has gained gold medal in ‘fitness physique’ category, in which he ran over bodybuilders of 47 countries. The good looking and fitness enthusiast Singh has also secured third position in Mr. Asia Championship earlier this year.

However, foreground of Mr India – Thakur Anoop Singh transformed him to become something, which is very distinct from his original profession. In 2008 Anoop was an active pilot, unfortunately he lost his job due to forced recession in the industry. But Anoop never surrendered to situation and tried his luck in Television industry.

In 2011 Anoop was offered role of Dhritrashtra – the king of Hastinapur in Indian mythological epic Mahabharata, which he played quite curiously and was also like by the audience. The actor then moved into bodybuilding professionally.

mr world Thakur Anoop Singh

If talks to be believed than, Thakur Anoop Singh is all set to make his debut in Bollywood, while has lined up projects of Telugu and Marathi movies that will be screened soon.

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