“Digital India” assures Wi-Fi connectivity initiating from Mumbai Central

digital india initiative

Digital India is a mission to assemble India on a strategic high. The latest visit of Modi to Silicon Valley has bloomed several initiatives coming to India. Where Google has visioned India as a technology welcoming nation, the association between India and Google is opening several gates and on that note it starts with installation of free Wi-Fi at railway stations in India starting from Mumbai Central.

Mumbai Central will be the first railway station to get high speed public Wi-Fi connectivity, as said by top executive at state-run Rail Tel Corporation. The following has partnered with internet major to support 400 stations in India with free Wi-Fi connectivity. Google will commence its work at Mumbai Central from October and the free Wi-Fi will be installed by mid October.

 Google's wi-fi network in India, digital India initiative

The free public Wi-Fi will be free for first 30 minutes over a 24 hour period which will be channelizing with high speed network capable of HD video streaming services and passengers will be able to download a movie within a time span of as less than 4 minutes. This service if used above first 30 minutes will charge the customers.

This project is currently under its monetization model stage. The idea was approached by Google CEO Sundar Pichai during the recent meet of Modi and Pichai at Silicon Valley. The initial target is to make internet accessible to one crore passengers at 100 busiest railway stations in India by mid-2016, and then expand it to 300 other stations, as said by Seshagiri Rao, director-network planning & marketing at RailTel.

Being a pan-India operator, RailTel will offer ready availability of passive infrastructure at all the railway station, Rao said, adding that Google has got the technology and experience, and has rolled out many Wi-FI hotspots in the US.
The project is still under progress but the development has been triggered as soon as the plan was announced.



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