#DiggisNextLie: Digvijay Singh’s shot at Shivraj government Backfired and Twitterati had a good Laugh!


In the political world, it’s nothing new to witness political leaders mocking each other and bringing each other down. However, there are some like Digvijay Singh who often ends up getting mocked on social media. Recently, the Congress leader became a laughing stock when he tried to take a dig at Shivraj Singh’s government in Madhya Pradesh. Here’s what happened!

Aiming at maligning BJP after the overbridge tragedy in Varanasi, Digvijay Singh tweeted a photo of a bridge which he believed was from Subhash Nagar Railway Phatak. In the tweet, he questioned the government’s work and even pointed out that the damaged bridge may lead to another mishap. Here’s what he tweeted:

However, the Congress leader was so busy raising his voice that he didn’t even check the source of the image. Later, it turned out that the photo was of Rawalpindi Metro Bus Pillar taken in Pakistan two years ago by an award-winning investigative journalist Adeel Raja.

Soon, Shivraj Singh Chouhan posted a tweet pointing out the blunder that Digvijay had made and Chouhan even took a dig that such scams only used to happen under the Congress’ rule.

Within an hour, the twitter handle of BJP Madhya Pradesh tweeted this:

Not only Digvijay Singh was mocked on social media but twitterati even started posting memes on Twitter with #DiggisNextLie , some of these are outright hilarious:



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