Dominos brings a ‘Zero Click’ and ‘No Touch’ app for quick ordering!


Dominos brings good news for the lazy pizza lovers with the launch of its new application named as ‘Zero Click’ App. Being perfect in showing laziness is not at all easy. You despise going out and getting a take away and even ordering online sometimes becomes tedious. Choosing the type, the toppings, the size, drinks, snacks and all gets annoying. Now that the new app has entered, your phone might look like an angel with a halo on its top.

Domino’s has managed to simplify the process even further with the launch of its “Zero Click” app.  You can now easily order a pizza from Domino’s new application without any sort of clicking or app navigating. Once the timeline of 10 seconds gets over, you automatically launch the order and the food will on your way. For this to happen the app just asks for 2-3 minutes from you to fill your basic details and billing/delivery addresses. Once you are done with creating a Domino’s account, you can setup an “Easy Order” pizza profile to make and set aside your much loved order, which is then attached to the app for speedy delivery.

This is not the first innovative idea for ordering idea by Domino’s. Before this we could order pizza through our TVs or smartwatches, stick an “Easy Oder” flick button on our refrigerators, or even just by tweeting an emoticon at the company’s website.

Kudos to Dominos’ out of the box thinking and for bringing the brand in the news again by not just its food but by creating an easy way to order for its beloved customers.



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