Don’t Interfere in Our Internal Affairs: Warns KP Sharma Oli to India

Nepal PM warns India

The Nepali Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli on 2nd November warned India on interfering in the internal affairs of Nepal, aggravated tension between both the nations. In a recent activity across the Indian border, an Indian man was liked during the police action, taken against the activists of Madhes- based political party.

Oli speaking at a public function organized in Kathmandu, blamed India for supporting the Madhesi community, which is the main reason for trouble and imposing blockades on the national border. Due to which entry of essential supplies has been affected.

Madhesi Community which finds its origin here in India is protesting against Nepal’s new constitution, enforced on 20th September this year. Through the protest Madhesi community is demanding a greater representation in the constitution.

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In southern Terai region, Madhesi Political parties along with the indigenous groups have opened a violent protest, claiming that their interest have been ignored again. The Prime Minister Oli has raised the question that “Why is India rallying behind the four Madhesi-based parties,” further adding that it is a responsibility of Nepal to address grievances of the various agitating groups.

After the death of the Indian national in Birgunj, the Madhesi political parties warned that they will not sit down for talks with the government in Kathmandu. On the other hand, Nepal is staggering under rigorous and unceasing shortage of fuel, vital commodities and medicines due to the border-blockade.

Nepal has blamed India of commanding an unofficial blockade at the border, whereas New Delhi sustains that transportation of essentials and other goods was hindered by the ongoing violent agitation within land-locked Nepal.

Meanwhile, Rekha Sharma, a minister representing the Unified CPN-Maoist party, said the agitating parties should not lash up sentiments related to the killing of the Indian.

“It will only ramble the positive environment for talks,” Mr Sharma said, urging the Madhes-based parties to change the modality of their manifestation.



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