Drishyam forecasts a Pilot move

Drishyam reviews
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India is a country where cinema is a preaching in terms of culture, and flows in the blood of zillions of Indians. Here, upbringing goes together with Bollywood blockbusters. The wearisome element of love, romance and bashing apart add to the cinematic experience. Today’s directors have resorted to new experiments instead of investing in a movie that lifts up the same monotonous compounds. Drishyam, a Nishikant Kamat thriller – drama, revolutionizes the vision of our audience and is a success story. A must watch as the collection says it all, it is a remake of the Malayalam blockbuster by the same name starring Kamal Hassan. He plays the witty mind and similarly Ajay Devgan’s performance is an amalgamation of the same.

An unusual flick in the Bollywood, where the content gets into the checklist with the presence of very element of love and romance. Drishyam, indeed turned down those hats, and establishes an innovative experiment making place in the big lad industry. Tollywood (the cinema industry of South), categorically deals with cinema peeping into all the quotients that may affect one’s life. Bollywood, though has accumulated tremendous response across the world, but lacks in terms of experimentation, in comparison. The proclaimed fame is refuted and the ingenious job by the entire team in creating a masterwork is proof of it. As this industry influences the minds of millions, the key to inspire resides here.

While Drishyam forecasts a pilot move in the Bollywood with an outstanding creation by the director, and out of the league role played by Ajay Devgan, who stands by his family in the death and life moments. A true warrior he is inspirational and impressive in this movie. This Bollywood drama makes a twisted turn and thrilling the audience as the events unfold gently. It is one bewitching piece of work, as audience was long awaited with all the scoops of love, emotions, action, thriller and suspense. It shouts out for a perfect and unusual expectation from the Bollywood industry.

Drishyam, indubitably opened the doors of Bollywood for a step ahead and paving the path for more and more interesting works with support from audiences.



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