Earth Day 2018: A reminder that we need to Protect our planet


April 22 is observed as Earth Day every year as a reminder that humans are responsible for taking care of this planet. It’s now a global event where millions of people from all over the world gather and organize events and spread awareness about the cause.

Earth Day

Earth Day is worldwide led by an organization called Earth Day Network (EDN) that has announced that this year it will be focused upon ending Plastic Pollution. The organization is going to educate people about the health risks and other harms that plastic has caused to our planet.

End Plastic Pollution Campaign

EDN has organized a multi-year campaign that aims to end the single-use plastics, recycling of plastic, promoting alternative sources of fossil fuel-based materials, and incorporating a change in the human behavior.
EDN’s End Plastic Pollution Campaign has four major components:

• A grassroots movement to support adoption of a global framework to regulate plastic pollution

• Educating and activating citizens to demand the governments and corporations for cleaning up the plastic pollution.

• Educating people to reject, reuse, reduce, and recycle plastics

• Promoting the local government and other regulating other efforts to tackle plastic pollution

It’s Time to act NOW!

We all know that Earth sustains human life without which we couldn’t imagine our lives, in the literal sense. While most of us are busy damaging the planet for the commercial gains, we are ultimately creating troubles for our future generations. It’s not just the plastic ban but we also need to focus on a myriad of issues from water pollution to deforestation and from endangered species to the disposal of waste.

Basically, we need to safeguard Earth and repair the damages that we have done to the environment. There are different ways to contribute to Earth Day like participation in eco-friendly activities, plantation, and so on but the most important thing is to realize that we need to act NOW!



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