Eat to nourish your body – Eat good Feel good


In this fast-pacing world, nearly all of us skip one or two meals. Busy schedule, which includes important meetings, travel etc. is a common cover up for this habit. But, did you know this could have adverse effects on our body? Our body requires a preset number of calories to function well on a daily basis. If we go on a strict diet, we end up depriving our body of essential nutrients—a fact that can severely affect our health.

In case you didn’t know, starving or skipping meals can have a drastic effect on our body. In case you’re habitual of this, you need to watch out for the warning signs.

8 Side Effects of Skipping Meals

  • Fatigue and tiredness

Due to intake of fewer calories on a regular basis, one might feel tired all the time. Many weight loss plans include eating less than what our body requires. This slows down our metabolism and the feeling weariness sets in.

  • Persistent Hunger

We are consuming lesser food than we actually should be eating; therefore the body craves food every now and then. The people with fast metabolism tend to feel hungry more often. Thus, it is important to understand that when we feel hungry and tired all the time, our body needs more calories than we are actually providing it.


  • Hair loss

Hairfall is probably the most noticeable side effect of eating less. Our hair requires proper nutrition to grow and nourish naturally thus when we go on vigorous diets and feed our body less food; we start losing hair.

  • Sleep issues

Less intake of food automatically affects our sleep. It can lead to disturbed and interrupted sleep and you may not wake up fresh in the morning. It’s the time you need to include more healthy foods in your diet.

  • Irritated and agitated all the time

Our body is a well-planned machine that works properly only when it gets appropriate nutrients. Our body needs fuel to work.  There is a possibility that our plate is empty if we are feeling irritated for no reason. Along with exercise, feeding the body with right amount of foods and liquids will help you get rid of this feeling of agitation.

  • Feeling cold all the time

When your body receives fewer calories, it might decrease the natural body temperature.  Therefore, the next time you feel cold, you need to analyze your eating pattern.

  • Digestive issues

If we feed our body with restrictive food, we might face digestive problems.  Our body needs enough roughage to produce bulk.  Thus it is necessary to have a sufficient amount of food to keep the digestive system healthy.

  • Mood swings

Extreme dieting causes depression, anxiety, and sadness. One might end up getting the body they desire but the feeling of being happy evades you leading to frequent and extreme mood swings.

Thus skipping meals can mess with your metabolism. Skipping meals not only affects the nutrients you consume but also the ability to exercise and sustain a healthy life. Therefore, make sure that you take proper meals!



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