5 Tadkas that will Change the Way your Dish Tastes!

5 Tadkas that will Change the Way your Dish Tastes!
5 Tadkas that will Change the Way your Dish Tastes!

‘Desi Tadka’ (tempering) or spices tempered in oil is a staple of Indian cuisine. It’s a special preparation of extra ingredients that enhance the flavor and aroma of your recipes. The ingredient mix and the style of preparing Tadka for your dish give it the ‘signature’ flavor.

In India, different chefs follow different styles of preparing desi Tadka for lentils (daal) and curries. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Here are 7 Tadka styles that add a magical flavor to your dish!

  • Asafoetida, Tomato & Turmeric

This ‘Gujarati’ Tadka adds a typical yellow-red color to your dish. Ripe tomato puree makes it tangier!

  • Garlic Sautéed in Oil

The use of garlic isn’t just limited to Italy and France even the Indians know how to use it well. Indian housewives season boiled chana dal (split chickpea) with garlic heated in oil. Just peel and chop the garlic into fine pieces and heat them in a teaspoon of oil, until brown. Add this to your dal for a distinct, aromatic taste.

  • Red Chilies and Mustard

Red chilies and dry mustard seeds are commonly used ingredients in Bihari recipes, for curries and lentils. Add in finely chopped garlic and you’re good to go!

  • Panchpooran

People from Orissa and West Bengal use ‘Panch Pooran’ (five-ingredient mix) to season their dal and curries. Indian Panchporan is a mixture of basic spices namely caroms seeds, fennel, onion seeds, mustard, and fenugreek. It’s toasted in mustard oil until hot and then put in the gravy.

  • Green chilies and Curry Leaf

Curry leaf (or Meethi Neem) adds a fresh, sweet fragrance to your preparations. The Maharashtrians use it alongside green chilies and ginger, which add a spicy-tangy flavor to their dal and rasam!

In case you haven’t tried them yet, better try them now!



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