Forbes unveiled the top 100 richest Indians list

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As per Forbes India’s latest list of rich Indians, Mukesh Ambani the industrialist and giant in multi-sectors topped up 9th year in a row as the richest man in India. With a net worth of $18.9 billion, though his wealth depreciated by $4.7 billion, he still stands on the concrete grounds of being super rich person in India. This time the Bansal Brothers of Flipkart, Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal also made an entry in the Forbes top 100 rich Indians list. Applause for the start up industry that gave these boys a steep rise.

latest forbes list of indian billionaires 2015

Forbes latest list of 100 rich Indians which was unleashed on Wednesday night. Mukesh Ambani was followed by Sun Pharma giant Dilip Shangvi becoming the second richest man in the country with a net worth of $18 billion. Wipro’s Azim Premji stands as third in list with $15.9 billion in his account.

The astounding performance of Flipkart made the Bansals marking their debut in the Forbes rich Indians list accounting to $1.3 billion each.

The combined wealth of India’s top 100 rich personalities in 2015 comes around $345 billion, which has seen a marginal difference from last year $346 billion. Though the economy was expected to see a rise but the sudden drop in the stock market and the win of dollar over rupees with a wide difference played the game in not taking the graph at par. The magazine said the economy was promised to grow by at least 7 percent this year.

The sudden sweep in the market shockingly changed the wealth of many. As many as 10 people in the list saw their net worth dipping by $1 billion each in one year. This drop down is also experienced by the Steel King Lakshmi Mittal whose rank slipped by three places. His net worth dipped to $4.6 billion who ranked 8th with $11.2 billion.

With the fall of some, the list saw the rise of many with as much as 12 newcomers who made their place in the list. On one side where the Bansal brothers came out making their way, the low cost airline IndiGo’s co-founder Rakesh Gangwal occupied a position at 70th place with a net worth of $1.6 billion ahead of his company’s IPO. Rahul Bhatia, the partner of Rakesh Gangwal came up with 12 positions this time and rested on 38th place in the list. He accounted a net worth of $2.4 billion.

The game changer in the list who laddered up magnificently is vaccine maker Serums Cyrus Poonawalla whose wealth graph rose from $6.2 billion to $ 7.9 billion in a year. He survived in pushing his rank to the 9th position in the 2015 Forbes List.

Naazneen Karmali, India Editor of Forbes Asia, said: “After the euphoria of 2014, India is facing a reality check in 2015. This has impacted several big fortunes in the top 100. But India’s entrepreneurial spirit remains buoyant as is evident from the dozen new faces on the list.”

The list of the richest Indians:

1) Mukesh Ambani with a networth of USD 18.9 billion

 2) Dilip Shanghvi with a networth of USD 18 billion

3) Azim Premji with a networth of  USD 15.9 billion

4) Hinduja Brothers with a networth of USD 14.8 billion

5) Pallonji Mistry with a networth of USD 14.7 billion

6) Shiv Nadar with a networth of  USD 12.9 billion

7) Godrej Family with a networth of USD 11.4 billion

 8) Lakshmi Mittal with a networth of USD 11.2 billion

9) Cyrus Poonawalla with a networth of USD 7.9 billion

10) Kumar Mangalam Birla with a networth of USD 7.8 billion.



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