“Forced at gunpoint to join BJP” TMC’s feeble tweet day after TMC leaders join BJP

A day after 53 Trinamool Congress or TMC leaders join BJP, Mamata Banerjee’s party on Wednesday issued a clarification saying only one suspended MLA joined the saffron party. The TMC added that six councilors joined the BJP but they “were forced at gunpoint to do so”. TMC also said that the other leaders and workers were from Congress and CPI (M).

This is what All India Trinamool Congress decided to tweet after the jolt-

In a major jolt to Mamata didi, Mukul Roy’s son Subhrangshu along with two Bengal legislators and 50 Trinamool Congress councilors joined the BJP on Tuesday.

The Trinamool Congress had suspended Bijapur legislator Subhrangshu for six years for anti-party comments, following which he along TMC MLAs Shilbhadra Dutta and Sunil Singh left for Delhi on Monday.

Modi’s did not make just a political prediction

This move came a month after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s warning to the West Bengal Chief Minister that her MLAs would abandon her after the results of the general elections, adding that 40 of them were already in touch with him. “When the lotus will bloom all over Bengal after May 23, Didi (Banerjee), you will see that your MLAs will also abandon you and run away. Forty of your MLAs are in touch with me even today,” Modi had told an election rally in Hooghly district.

Also, Subhrangshu had said after getting suspended, “Now, I will breathe freely. Many in the TMC feel suffocated,” He had claimed that several others from the party will “follow his footsteps”.

Mukul Roy, once considered to be the second-in-command of the Trinamool Congress, joined the BJP in November 2017 after a fallout with Banerjee. He is being credited for the stellar show of the BJP in Bengal in the just-concluded Lok Sabha elections.



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