Four years of Modi‘s Government; BJP comes with new slogan ‘Saaf Niyat, Sahi Vikas’’

Narendra Modi

26th May, 2014 is one of the historic days for Indian politics as BJP rose to power in centre with Narendra Modi as Prime Minister. Today, the Modi-led government turns four and again gearing up for upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2019. In these four years, Modi government has done remarkable works. It has brought new developments to India with its welfare schemes and also put India on world map as a powerful nation. To mark the four years of being in power at the Centre may well be the party’s poll pitch for the Lok Sabha Elections 2019, BJP government has a new slogan ‘Saaf Niyat, Sahi Vikas’ (Clean intent, right development).This new slogan will represent a shining record of its governance despite economic setbacks. Know more.

In fact, a wonderful video has been shared by official handle of PM Modi. The video has been issued under the title #SaafNiyatSahiVikas. The video is beautifully showcasing the amazing schemes implemented by Modi government and how it made the country prosperous and brought smiles to numerous lives. Be it employment, infrastructure, electricity, housing, education, gas supply, medicines and pension etc, several schemes have been implemented by the government. With these schemes, Indian has become global growth engine and got new infrastructure. There are speedy transformations in the country as well as moving on building a new India.

Check out few of the amazing tweets highlighting the developments of BJP government in last four year under #SaafNiyatSahiVikas.

As per PTI, Union ministers are likely to hold press conferences in Delhi between May 25 and May 28 to highlight the key policy initiatives of the government. There will also be regional press meets to be held in 40 cities between May 29 and June 3 highlighting the achievements of government.



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