Gehlot absent from farmer’s protests to avoid rival Sachin Pilot; shows extreme fondness for BJP leaders. What’s cooking? Read whole story


The farmer’s protests which have gained less than little momentum in Rajasthan is a mind product of Rajasthan Congress dirty politics and opportunistic sensibilities.

Fuelled and sparked by the new kid on the block, Sachin Pilot, these protests were meaningless and senseless, just opposite to what Pilot had envisioned or plotted. Given that his strategy failed, one Congress person who eluded from being dumb-founded to be associated with these protests is former Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot.

Gehlot, who has been evidence of dim-wittedness, escaped managing this time. How did this happen?

Well, it is a known fact that new Congress CM candidate Pilot and Gehlot avoid each other and plot strategies to oust each other from the political game. Although Gehlot has already been directed from the Congress high command to divert from Rajasthan politics, the defiant minister remains to stick to Rajasthan, perhaps in hope for 2018 win (which is an equally hopeless hope).

At a recent event, Gehlot held a news conference where he was speaking about the BJP’s month long campaign on completing three years of tenure successfully.

Gehlot also said that the BJP-led states are doing every bit for the farmers. Citing the example of Madhya Pradesh, he said that the farmer’s agitation in MP is futile as 10 percent subsidy on interest-free loans provided by the government.

Rajasthan government too has gone out of the way to benefit its farmers but gehlot’s party members including Pilot seem to be igniting pangs of insufficiency amongst the farmers who are being ill-influenced by the opposition parties.

On the back of consistent efforts by Pilot to disrupt peace in Rajasthan, Gehlot’s absence at the protests mirrors unamicable effect between Pilot and Gehlot.

Well, Pilot and Gehlot’s ends can never meet. Former minister backed on a health excuse to avoid direct confrontation with Pilot. Because he knew that firstly, protests were going to be a failure, and secondly, he wanted to avoid comradeship opportunities with Pilot. Meanwhile, Gehlot is showing strong desire to join BJP, given that Congress is a party of the past.

Gehlot also spelled out favouring words for BJP. He said that the law and order situation in the country was well under control. “Barring just two to three districts in the Kashmir valley, the law and order situation is well under control in the country,” he added.



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