Girl Sues Coke for Scam

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The love for Bollywood has unveiled several tales that are mysterious to one obsessed with, well Bollywood. Whenever some handsome and charming young man joins the industry bandwagon of the pre existing dashing parade, it alarmingly accentuates the eccentricity of folks and yes especially girls who fall in love with our Bollywood hunks. Love and Bollywood, these two go hand in hand and feed off each other selfishly.

The followers and media are an intimidating presence in the life of stars. Where the media watches their every move, the followers are madly in love with them and up to crazy antics. They live on their dreams and try desperately to make it a reality, doing literally everything they can do. Here we tell you the story of one such girl, who adored a star like them, the one with Greek God looks and Michael Jackson moves, Hrithik Roshan.

coca cola in trouble
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It was late in the year 2000, Coca-Cola launched a campaign and contest for its lovers to scratch and win – a chance to meet Hrithik Roshan, among several other prizes. So when Shikha Monga a girl from Panchkula Haryana, scratched thousand bottles of Coca-Cola to win the chance of meeting Hrithik Roshan and finally won the contest after spending her pocket money on those coke bottles, she was ecstatic. She had got the prize of a dinner date with her favorite star, Hrithik Roshan. Coca-Cola saw a humongous brand promotion, roping Hrithik Roshan in for this promotion. It eventually happened, but due to lack of dates, Hrithik could not manage meeting her, and has not until now. It has been 15 years now, since Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai release.

She finally, after being dejected and feeling cheated decided to sue the company for this scam, which made her spend a good amount of money. She was offered 5 Lakh rupees as a sum of compensation, but she proactively denied that. This girl, who lost the chance of meeting with the star for a dinner date, got an exception of 2.43 Lakh rupees from court for filing the case. As she is deliberately unmasking this scam in marketing, she came out from that dark shadow like a gleaming harassed woman, whose promise was never fulfilled. We can only hope that this 34 year old women gets to see her hunk at least once in this life, if not for a dinner date. Fairytale romances and Bollywood, sigh!



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