Global Smartphone Market – Who Is Winning and who is Still Running Up?

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The tech giants, especially the smartphone makers have so much to cheer about in this era of technology. In the year 2017, the global smartphone market registered a fast growth of 4.3 percent as added by a research of IDC. If we look into the last quarter, the smartphone vendors made an extravagant export of 347.4 million units around the world.

The Galaxy Note 7 was a sheer catastrophe for Samsung. Despite of this unimaginable fiasco, the company has made the shipment of the maximum number of smartphones units. These were more than any other tech giant. In fact, we saw an elevating trend for Samsung over Apple with shipment of 79.2 million units in the very first quarter.

Very smartly, they cleaned out the inventory with providing huge discounts of Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. With this, the company made ample of space for Galaxy S8 and S8+. Also, the J and A series of Samsung could draw the mammoths in both developed and emerging markets around the web.

Apple made a whooping start with launch of Red iPhone in its special valentine series and iPhone 7 Plus along with the iPhone SE. Sadly, they could not continue to keep the mark due to flat responses during the quarter. The veteran of the tech made a slip of 0.5 percent as shipments. By May 2, the company will make an official release of its sales.

While Samsung had a market share of 22.8 per cent, Apple and Huawei gained their top positions with 14.9 and 9.8 percent respectively. Also, companies like Oppo and Vivo were able to round of the top five in the global smartphone market.

Anthony Scarsella, the research manager with Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker promptly mentioned, “Despite all the popularity and media hype around premium devices, we continue to witness a shift in many companies’ portfolios geared towards affordable devices with premium-type styling compared to flagship models”.

With new attempt makers like Oppo and Vivo, Indian smartphone users have got wide choices and these companies have got a potential market to showcase their caliber.



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